north herts pub night

Just got back from the meet tonight, what a great venue, good grub and company here’s to many more well done for organising it, and nice to meet so many members. :):smiley:

just got back too, fab night, great to see so many too!! nearly had a accident with a deer running out in front of me and Keti… off to bed now, till the next one!

It was good to see so many guys and girls tonight:)

Curry was yum but them baguettes look the nuts:D

Roll on next month :cool:

I just got back too…
It was a great evening.
Thank you to Keti for the electrical tape, and to Chunky and Yslart for sticking my indicator back together. :slight_smile:

No worries Laura. It’s always good stuff to have knocking about under your seat :slight_smile:

As for the deer… it was the suicidal badger/fox/whatever it was that I narrowly missed after the deer incident that worried me a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for a top night, everybody! The company rocked, the venue was excellent, the food was plentiful and er… “adequately sized” (for those on the baguettes!). See ya all next month hopefully :smiley:

Glad you enjoyed yourselves :smiley:

Sorry about the bike Mole but the witty and attractive company more than made up for it, right? :unsure: :slight_smile:

It’s a top venue which is glad of our custom, which is rare these days :wink:

Apologies for the late arrival couldn’t be helped as you know :frowning:

Roll on the next meet :smiley:

Nice evening which seems to be typical of LB events :slight_smile: Thanks to Debz, Grim and Chunky for organising it ! :slight_smile:

Nice of Chunky to give Mole his indicator bulb from his car, what a generous thing to do so she’d be safe riding home :cool:

I had a good time last night and wont miss the next one, food good, pub was good and the people who were there were great, nice one guys .

Such a warm and lovely welcome from the landlord. I thought it was really good of him to come and lets us know how happy he was for us to be there :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t get round to say hello to everyone, I was being a bit lazy :blush:
I was amazed how many people turned up !

Hope you have a better day today Debz :blink:

Thanks Karen - lets hope so ;)Great to see you lovely lot last night :cool: Cheers for a fab evening :DOnly downside is thats it is a whole month until the next one :w00t:

Sorry I never made it, will defo be at the next one…honest :blush:

Hope to see you next month Tug ‘n’ Tel:cool:

Deers, Badgers and Foxes? See we even throw in a safari for your journey home;)

Glad everyone made it home safe:)

I had a great time last night… great company & good food! thanks debz, grim, chunky for organising it all.

Going without lunch today as im still stuffed from that Baguette/half french stick :blink: the Magners with loads of ice went down a treat as well ! :smiley:

Not related to this topic but Loopy I love Salad Fingers! I don’t know anyone else bar me and Jonny who’ve seen it before :smiley:

Warped silly nonsense :blink:

i know, he is just ace :smiley: the more episodes you watch the more warped he becomes! i think there is only 7 episodes? thats all we could find ‘the feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic’ :smiley:


Salad Fingers?:crazy:

That fella is just soooo wrong!:pinch:

Poor old Hubert Culmerdale:pinch:

The only salad fingers i know is when the misses finishes me off.:wink:

Thanks to Debz, Grim and Chunky for organizing a great evening. What a great venue, with good grub and good company and them baguettes! Sorry about the bike Mole hope its not to bad in the daylight.