North City Triumph

Even though the warranty had run out 1 - 2 weeks ago they persuaded Triumph to cover replacement of battery and regulator on Daytona as they opined that the damage had been caused before the warranty ran out!

Top guys.

Ken is a star. (And his RAT runs are a legend in their own lunchtime, if you arrive in time for one)

Can we please not promote the Daytona in anyway shape or form…:wink:

I bet the didn’t do it for free. You had to pay them anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Daytonas are crap. Believe me. I’ve got one :stuck_out_tongue:

All free, no charge and a cup of tea thrown in (not literally)

It`s proper Daytona, not a 675!:slight_smile:

yea ken gary n steve are all top blokes, cant wait for the next milbrook barbie :smiley:

Yes, it was great last year at the hog roast. Sorry we will be missing it this year as we will be in Norway when it is on.

Sorry to hear about your bike troubles.