North Circular A406 trying to kill me!!!!

Last night at 6:45pm on my way home on the dreaded North Circular A406, I was nudged :w00t:. I’m travelling east gone past the Ace Cafe & then past Ikea at Wembley,on the right hand lane, I’ve opened up my bike (Honda Hornet) as I’ve past the speed camera, the road is bending to the left & then I get pushed/nudged at about 50 mph(if I was going slower at the speed limit of 40mph, I believe, I would have been knocked off my bike). I think what the f*ck & lean straight away into the middle lane. I see it’s an Audio TT sports/coupe car & the guy waves at me. :angry:

Well, I thought I let him go & I’ll give him chase & give him a right mouthful when he gets stuck in traffic. Also, I think, if I don’t get an apology, I’m going to take his reg number & report him. He zooms off weaving in & out of traffic going form the left lane, middle lane & right lane, then going right up behind other cars trying to intimate them to let him go, past. Anyway as predicted he gets stuck in traffic as he passes Brent Cross. I park my bike in front of his car,get off & take off my helmet. I give him a right mouthful about nearly killing me & that I would report him. He apologies profusely, he has never got any endorsements & has a clean license. Also he is going to the hospital to pick up his son, to which I reply " I’ll be in the hospital as well as with his son, due to his driving", after more apologies which I accept, I told him to calm down & drive more carefully.

With the police relying on speed cameras (& getting me booked) & not been on the road. Idiots like this can drive like a c*nt. If they saw the way he was driving he would have been booked straight away!!!

Finally on the North Circular this morning at 11:45, I’m heading towards Hangar Lane, on the other side heading east before the Ace Cafe, I see a broken sofa thing on the middle lane.

Well at least, I’m alive & not in hospital. :smiley:

he sounds like a fugging door knob! :doze:

i take the A406 death road everyday to from finchley all the way round to the chisick roundabout before i join the M4! and everyday I have a new story to tell about some idiot!

Ill keep my eye out for you! (im on a Black suzuki bandit) Maybe give you a nudge sometime on my way past :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn! That’s mad.

Glad you’re in one piece and well done for holding back when talking to him!
Would have taken note of his reg anyway though.

I’d report him anyway. (And fwiw I wouldn’t believe any carp about going to the hospital. Even if I did believe it, I’d report him. As you say, he could have put you in the hospital as well).

There is absolutely NO excuse for nudging someone, especially someone on a bike! Bloody dangerous driving :angry:

There are some real idiots on the road, and the North Circular does seem to be their meeting zone.

Report him, the police will probably not do anything, but they might.

ahhh the north circular…

ive done many miles on it, and the lunatics dont really bother me anymore, unless its real bad incident

Fair play to ya Fab. Sounds like a right [email protected]

the more incidents I read like this the more I feel ARMING motorcyclists would be a good idea…

Not with guns, with cameras, directly linked to the police.

I swear to god, the amount of drivers who are within 6 inches of you travelling at over 50 MPH… is the stopping distance not taught to these idiots any more?

OK, most of you know me as a less than aggressive rider… “Grannylike” is one name I’ve heard, but I have to say this. My DAS instructor taught me the best rule EVER from a survival POV. If they’re close DON’T Speed up… SLOW DOWN… progressively. If they want past they’ll get past, just get out of their way as safe as possible. You speed up to do that, they speed up too, making the situation far worse. Just let 'em go… you muttering in your helmet, or shouting even ain’t ever gonna make them more aware of how dumb they are… its just gonna give you a sore throat…

I cant believe what i just read - hospital or not are we suggesting that it would have been excusable to NUDGE a bike at 50Mph if he had been going to hospital?
I would have reported him regardless and if he wasnt going to hospital for real he would have been after a short exchange with me - im insensed by this…truly.
What the F**K was he thinking? what about flashing your lights or beebping your horn? Oh no, im going to nudge them…that guys days are numbered, sooner or later he’ll do it again and he wont get away with it lightly.

what a [email protected]

Unbelievable! Well done to you though, and not just for staying upright. Not sure I could have shown the same level of restraint to someone who had tried to shove me into the central reservation at 50mph.

If he’d done it to me, he’d have been joining his lad in hospital and wouldn’t have been fit to drive for a few months.


That is tantamount to GBH. You need to report him asap as being nudged at 50mph is just insane driving and utterly without call. How would he react if I nudged him with a bus at 50mph? Get him reported.

Good that you stayed on and held your cool.

I agree with Toby on this one. The guy must have had a screw loose to to wave! at you after he’d nearly knocked you off your bike. Really is shocking. This is one of my worst worries on the roads and unfortunately you get lots of drivers who ride right up your chuff. Happened to me a few days ago in Crystal Palace and I progressively slowed down until the knob in the silver corsa got the message and overtook. When I caught him up at the lights strangely he actually looked scared- as if he was worried about what I might do. Are these guys brains really so slow-witted that they drive with no forethought of the possible consequences of their dangerous driving?

This is mental…

For sure I’d be reporting him to the police… is there any mark anywhere that shows it?

******* unbelievable this… I would have kicked his car in i think…

Just what is it with German car drivers?. Are their brains removed alongside all that money from their wallet when they purchase said piece of crap?

Range Rover drivers (and all 4x4’s) are equal bozo’s. One reversed into me yesterday when he could not get round a tight corner. If he was in a mini or normal sized car he would have spotted me. Begged me not to claim via his insurance as it would break him! But he should have thought about that when he bought such a stupid f***k off wagon.

£75 for a new indicater stalk & labour fitting it. I’d only got the bike back last week after getting rearended stopping at a Zebra crossing to let an old lady cross. Grrr

Well handled FAB, taking your helmet off and talking to him to showed that motorcyclists are not inanimate objects but real people who can get hurt. It might get through to him.

I understand the desire of the other LBers to report him but I am not sure what the Police could actually do even if they are inclined to do so.

Yes talk to them as long as they don’t look like they are carrying