North Circ

only really apply’s if your are powered by four wheels, but from most junctions after park royal heading east you have Dirty scumbag Romanian toothless gypo’s armed with flowers or squeegy’s dont seem to understand the words FU*CK OFF, NO or the apparent need of oral hygene dont encourage them by throwing loose coppers even though it is entertaining watching them scrabble about on the floor trying to pick them up like four pigs after one truffle especially as the lights turn green.

Careful wot you say m8, not all romanians are toothless.
lucky ya didnt say the Mr Sheen lot, you would have had em all over you, lol.

Get free dentures etc over here, lol

Also the answer is? angle yer windscreen washers sideways and carry a load of washers to throw on the floor!

Like the idea of the pennies, what gets me is half the old crones have gold teeth

I think it’s not really funny to watch poor beggers trying to catch money (even pennies).

God have mercy on those who laugh.

indeed… there is always someone in a far better situation than yourself just around the proverbial corner, it just happens that im just around the corner from them, mocking the afflicted is always good for a cheap laugh i have proved it on many occasions. they are scum bags plain and simple… and there is no God therefore no need for mercy on my sole

Would you like chips with your sole?

nice bit of Dover…

One of those ran out in front of me the other day.

I swerved to the left…

I swerved to the right…

And i still bl00dy missed em.

DISCLAIMER: The above post is said purely in jest and does not necessarily represent the views of the poster.

I hate them as they make my misses nervous. Say NO and if they carry on let them it`s down to them. And if they get nasty ring the police.