Normandy Weekend Photos!

800 miles…A bad-ass sun burn…Two sh***y umberellas…Two dropped bikes…Dawns second off in a number of weeks…Ray giddy as a school girl when everyone was admiring his versys…

Could only have been the weekend away in Normandy!!

It was a sound weekend, I’ll defo be up for another ride out with this bunch of miscrients! :smiley:

Some photos below!

Looks good Kelvin :wink:

are grey socks,black sneakers,and shorts in fashion now?..have to get me that ensemble:D


HAHA - I’ve only just noticed that trend… I think praise should lay with steve for that trend! He made it look best!

think the word ****** springs 2 mind mate !!! :)good pix dude not sorted mine yet will try 2moro :)couple of pix













Ginge also got a portaloo on the back there…

Nice pics guys, loks like a fun weekend!


I need to be quicker, you keep pinching my jokes ;):smiley:

I recon SteveCBRXXXXX will be on a written warning from Next when they see his fashion statement:D:D:D

Great pics folks, looks like you had a good one:cool:

Pictures look great, would love to do a Normandy run. Only new to london bikers so would love to come along on the next one if you’ll have me Regards Murf65.

Hiya murf welcome to Lb, Ive sent you a Pm mate

What was the whole budget?

Looks good…Might jump on the bandwagon next time, torn between this and a ride to the Nurburgring. But this looks more interesting, 'eritage, 'istory and all that

total around £350 which is campsite, fuel, train, grub n booze, paeges etc not to cheap but good fun, next time gonna go ferry via dieppe or le harve, cut some fuel costs out, and prolly go for a week, so much to see in the area we barely scratched the surface :slight_smile: