Just back from a lovely 4340 mile jaunt to Nordkapp at the top of Norway, what a jolly wheeze, photos to follow.

I can imagine that was one of the nost beautiful rides evah…so so jelous…hurry up with the pics :smiley:

All that way and only collided ever so gently with one caravan!

How did that happen?

They decided to turn left into a layby without indicating as we overtook them!

oh! :blink::pinch:

Looking forward to the photos!

PS Any help as to how to load a whole file of pictures would be greatly appreciated.

looks amazing there bet you had great time :slight_smile:

Wow, breathtaking! :cool:

Pm Jay see if you can put them in a gallery or go onto flickr and put them in the Lb group section, hope that helps

Thanks Steve, we have put a random few on the Flickr section but not sure on what to do next!! Perhaps if anyone wants to see them they could look there.

Nice pics, looks lovely. Were you 2 up on the daytona for 4 thousand odd miles?

Oh yes, do you think I ran behind? (J)

Not heard of a second bike then :slight_smile: Its just I only see the dead animal on the riders seat.

I can’t ride (yet). The dead animal is a bit of reindeer skin we bought to keep Chris’ bum cosy on the journey.


Stunning scenery. I look forward to seeing the whole gallery:cool: