Got to love the yanks, especially when they pull this off:

They actually have a call centre you can call to get “live radar” updates!

If I were a kid I would have wet myself!

Different, but what happens if he is struck in the snow?

Some geeks at NORAD got board a few years ago over the christmas holidays and produced this. Difference is our geeks get just as board, but don’t have the money to do something similar.

He’ll probably get shot down by some Homeland Security F-16s. :hehe:

Heres hoping, next Xmas maybe cancelled??? :smiley:

We use that every year but i don’t know for how as the kids a growing up.

You read my mind . . . :smiley:

If you get bored of doing it you can always do a spoof website where he gets shot down over the Urals by a flight of russian mig 35’s.

Sorry Son Santa and all the reindeer are toast, no presents for you!

Edit - God Damnit! just seen someones already had this idea! Sigh…