If it wasn’t so funny I’d be angry…

So here I am at home and I figured I’d have a kebab for lunch ( comfort food )… I did get one for the puppy to so got home, went to the loo and came out to this…

He’s eating BOTH kebabs !!!

And the impressive thing is he’s even remove the chilli’s … Ba$tard Puppy




PMSL sorry mate shouldnt laugh but sounds like your having one of those weeks! They happen now and agaon dont they where if you never laughed you would cry

Heres to your luck improving fella.

now sorry but that’s just plain cruel, you could of at least offered him a larger to go with it

(does two make it a balanced diet )

Cheers Mark.


hahahahaha! the world is for the smarts mate!

Same thing happened to me today, 24 sausages and 12 burgers scoffed from atop the worktop by one very crafty pooch, is now very happy pooch also.

Must have a very strong costitution as they were defrosting for the bbq tonight.

P.S, Just thought, with you havin the FTO, and now the bikes, is it parallel lives or you copying me?

this happened years so. my mum had just roasted a chicken and it was on the worktop covered in foil. Our airedale terrier managed to clamber on to the worksurface and demolished the chicken! she even filtered out the bones. that pooch was in the doghouse for quite a while, I can tell you!

Now give him a few cans of beer and let him out…you,ll get some great shots of him fighting in the high street and being carted off at two in the morning !!!..

LOL Smart puppy

He hasn’t half grown since the last photos.

Thats so cool and yeah hes a big big to still be a puppy isn’t he?

I can see the funny side… lol… sorry

it could have been worse …think of the mess u would have had if he ate the chilli,s

No , he is very much still a puppy at 7 months old … Still got a lot of growing to do .

LOL… Class!!!

I had this dog when I was younger, and my mum had just been praising him to a neighbough, about how good he was, and that he had never stolen any food. When My mum returned to the front room, the dog had polished off 36 mince pies… She saw the funny side!