hi guys and girls of LB. just a quick intro really, my names terry, i passed my cbt about six months ago, and am just looking to talk to like minded people, maybe go on a few ride outs with some of you as none of my friends own bikes. pics of my lovely little 125 to follow shortly (probably in the morning) as work computers wont allow me to upload pics. i look forward to talking to you, and maybe meeting a few new friends on the road, much love, T.

Morning Terry, good to meet you!

thanks for the warm welcome! how long have you been.riding?

Hello and welcome :smiley:

I’ve had bikes on and off for 30 odd years, but I’ve only been doing the daily commuting thing for the last couple of years (currently A13 from Grays area to Southwark).

Hola! Welcome to LB, look forward to seeing you at meets and rideouts alike ! :slight_smile:


nice to have another 125 user onboard


thanks everyoe for making me feel welcome. deffinatley need to arrange a 125 friendly meet/ride in the new year, be nice to have some mates on the road

i use a Varadero xl125, does me perfect for commuting every day

granted it lacks the grunt to quickly over take quickly when needed but is nippy enough and can get to 80 on a long run

welcome aboard tel. :slight_smile:

ride out soon then yeah woozy. Whereabouts are you?

Welcome! ( I’m on a 125 too. :slight_smile: )

Deffinatley need to arrange a mini meet for all the 125 riders out there!

Welcome Terry :smiley: