Noobster from Essex

Hello Forum. New guy here from Romford Essex so not really London but close enough. Thought i would check out this forum but im usually found roaming about on the 125 forums. Got a Cagiva mito Evo at the mo, hoping to pass my test and step up to a gixxer 600 (K4 onwards) or a sv650 (newer shape) if i suddenly become sensible lol

Welcome to LB Sharpshooter I guess you want the sharpest newbie stick… poke poke

Hiya welcome…

too late Da got you with the newbie stick,

but welcome to LB…


Hey Sharpshooter, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the pics forum. LB is for everyone in the UK really, don’t worry about being in Romford

Im in romford all the time mate my bro works @ oldchurch and i use the fitness first there some times…welcome 2 the forum!

ello mate…welcome to lb

Hi there Sharpshooter…im from just up the road too, but LB is for bikers anywhere trust me! Get your ass down the ace or cubana and meet up with us all…its a great forum, im fairly new myself [ rest of post was edited due to unnecessary crudity]


come on be fair

you love that newbie stick dont ya???

Hello and welcome…


Besides, look at the bright side Sharpshooter, its only Womford, could have been worse, could have been Bas Vegas for instance (Bas Vegas = Basildon for those uninitiated) or Grays, Tilbury, Northfleet… u name it… lol

Welcome to LB

Hi there i am a newbie myself … and have been welcomed into the fold by a good bunch of people

Another 125…yayyyyyyy…

Hello and welcome

Lol yer 125’s are great. What one have you got? Don’t say a CBR…lol jk

Yer oldchurch is not far from romford just a 10 min ride

Yer would definitely like to go out on some rides with you lot so long as my mito keeps behaving. Its been bout 2 months since its given me any problems so i think its guna blow up or something soon lol unreliable as fook

Yer i used to go to fitness first too…i’ve quit my membership now though i only used it to get fit for boxing and didn’t need it anymore. I’ve probably seen you around, what bike have you got

Edit- Gixxer of course :doh:

Lol, dont ride to gym that much usually scam a lift! Yeahs its a gsxr 600 K1. Although just got back from romford lol!

I will be going to cubana this wednesday (well 90% sure i will) I can meet u somewhere on the way and u can follow me down if u fancy it…although i warn u i dont stay too late as i have to get up early for work…

I’m all up for it mate BUT…I go on tour on Tuesday! Off to sunny Florida for two weeks only downside is i have to train and fight while i’m out there. Definitely be up for it when i get back though i’ll pm you my msn

Hi and welcome to LB