Noobie to it all - SE/Kent

Hello All,

As I’ve just signed up thought I’d introduce myself-Only recently passed the CBT and purchased a YBR125-fed up with paying the stupid season ticket price for the train to the city and have always promised myself I would get a bike one day-so here I am- hope to commute in the YBR for 6 months to a year before going for test on a bigger bike - At the moment the YBR and clothing have cleared me out!!



See you on the A20 mate. Welcome :smiley:

Welcome to LB:)

Hello! Glad you’re enjoying your YBR :smiley:
I think that’s the one I took the CBT on. Great bikes :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Cheers All,

looking out the window at work and hoping for clear skies this weekend, other halfs away and plan to clock up some serious miles-unfortunately YBR is new so still running her in!!

Hi And Welcome TIM Good To See A New Face

Heyup, welcome!

Also from the SE and head into London most days on some of 2 wheels :slight_smile:


hello mate and welcome im also london kent border

Hi from Biggin Hill!

hello :cool:

Hi Tim, welcome to LB mate