Hi guys…after many years and sports bikes i have finally made the switch and bought myself a nice M1800RZ. Traded a gsxr1000 for it. Pick it up tomorrow but had a ride on it today. couldnt do over 3000rpm but i will soon do those 500 miles. I was very pleased with the handling for a big bike. loved the layed back riding position and it sounded pretty sweet to boot. any advice on making it sound better would be helpful tho. also i have seen the hyperchargers…nom nom droooool…anyone got these on???. Anyway guys and gals hello…:slight_smile:

Hi welcome to LB:D

to make it sound better, best thing would be to trade it in for a gsxr1000:D

nice bike, but dry weather only;)

NNNOOOOOOO how could you ! lol welcome

Hi Welcome And Good Luck Hope To See You Around