hi there, new to LB. I ride a KTM Super Duke and I am looking forward to getting up the ace more.:slight_smile:

Welcome to LB mate.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello. Like the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ta very much like.:slight_smile:

hi and welcome

Hi and welcome… don’t forget the Wednesday night Borough Market meet too! :slight_smile:

this bloke has a row of pigs nipples down his front!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Better than a ‘Shaven Raven’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome Dr Zaius :cool:

Yeah right, I doubt very much if he’ll be interested in a 150mile round trip there each week :smiley:

I gather you’ve had the pleasure of LBers company over the weekend…you just cant keep away from us, so welcome to the site :wink:

Hi and welcome isn,t Wednesday nights your dogging nite. :slight_smile:

Do you mean BMM isn’t a dogging meet? We won’t bother trying to find it now:)

Welcome to LB Dr Z.

Hiya & Welcome To LB :smiley:

Hello and welcome

Ahhhh, welcome Mark Room-Two :stuck_out_tongue: Was nice to meet you and TQ3 over the weekend, hope to see you both out and about again soon :smiley: Oh and you might wanna get those pig nipples sorted out, it’s not a good look :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

hello and welcome:D


Hi and welcome