Evenin all

Thought id add another BHF bonehead to the LB seeing as i seem to spend most of me working time in central london

look forward to maybe meeting up sometime

usually on street corners and dark car parks eh mate?

ello mate, long time no see and all that!

Hey Sparks, welcome to LB! What do you ride?

Welcome to LB Sparky

Howdy Sparks. No gags about being Bright, or whether this town is big enough for the both of us.

A gag free zone.

Well it’s some ungodly hour of Monday morning - what does anyone expect?

Make ur self comfortable, and post ur ride up in the pics section.

Welcom to LB Sparks, pull up a chair and make yourself at homeDon’t forget to post your pics up in the members gallery

Da Artist … I think you’ll find Sparks & Sparky are two different people!

Welcome Sparks! … Loved the video editing for AWOL & the other stunters up the Ace!!!

Welcome aboard Sparks.

You can run from the BHF, but you cannot hide.

This is a great site, enjoy

Welcome to LB Sparks!

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

Thats reminds me of the fella who had sparks coming from his datatool (ooh er missus)

Dont ask him to post a pic of his bike FFS
He used to be a supermoto boy but has gone to the soft side for some reason :slight_smile:
Be careful around him cos he falls off more than I do
Welcome Sparks!

Hello and welcome to LB Sparks… Enjoy the ride!!!


Seems im being mistaken for several other people i got a Bandit 12 that i ride worse than a zimmer frame …no really i do

Wivs some of them thar corners ya showed me are dead mate an show no profit

Baloo if i wanted to hide dude id be standing behind that huge framework of yours

an ill leave the supermoto stuff to Capt Moto

will post some revealin pics soon

ooops and thanks for the warm welcome guys an gals