Noob on Track

Thinking about booking this:

Anyone done one and know if its good / a waste of money? Assuming I enjoy it, quite up for then doing this in June (cos it seems cheap and I get Fridays off anyway!) anyone else keen?

Up for any advice here. Total trackday noob but gagging to get involved! :wink:

Seems like a similar deal to Californian Superbike school, good about the pillion rides, I think you can learn a lot from them, JB learned a fair bit just from a few laps on the back of James Toselands bike last year…

Although not sure about the Stowe circuit, they say new so if it has been relaid then it could be pretty nice, small so easy to learn…but the old circuit was a bit rubbish by all accounts of the people that did CSS there…

Cheers E… Maybe I’m not reading the site right, but the CSS seems to be a lot more expensive. Around the £640 mark for a similar sounding day… £339 with bike hire seems like a pretty good deal… but then I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about :wink:

Out of interest, what tracks to people rate? and does Silverstone not being that amazing matter too much for my first day?

Mallory Park! it’s a marmite track but I love it!

I might as well tack on to this topic - I’ve just been looking at the Hottrax site, but is there a site that has all track days listed on like a calendar or something, to save me looking on every company’s site for events?

AMAZING! Thanks!

Look into Ron Haslam days also.

£279 gets you use of the bike (CBR 600RR with ABS), all the gear (Arai helmet, leathers, boots, gloves), and three sessions on track on the mega fast proper Silverstone racing circuit (not the Micky Mouse go kart Stowe circuit that CSS use).

My LB review is coming soon, but in the meantime go below for details.

I decided to book it.

Appreciate the circuit isn’t the best but I figure for my first ever time on a track I’ve got nothing to compare to so I don’t know any different, and hopefully the lessons learnt will apply anywhere.

Fridays also work for me as I get them off anyway, so no need to take any holiday.

I’ll report back after the event. Can’t wait! :wink:

My Haslam experience:

Looking forward to Afros’ LB review! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing about your experience too!

Oh yeah…I forgot you lot went…Good day out int it? :smiley:

Loved it! Wanted more! Hence going back to Silverstone 10th June (Focus)!! Rock on! :w00t:

I know I’m a whole lotta man, but “you lot” was just little old me :smiley:

the pillion ride with JT was a real eye opener - went quicker straight away in the next session. or maybe just felt like i had more time and things were less rushed if that makes sense

part of it was seeing just how late he could brake at high speed first hand. dont know the stowe circuit so not sure if you’ll get the same benefit from a small tight track, but i’m sure it will be fun no matter what :cool:

Yeah I can’t wait to go back.

My review is now online.

There are a number of circuits at silverstone :slight_smile: Stowe is an internal one, not the full circuit, which is probably better for learning on, if they have resurfaced it :slight_smile:

Brands indy is also a good one to learn on, and the GP is amazing. Donington was the nuts…:crying: