Noob lass in SW London

Alreet… new to the site…just saying hello :wink: riding up to the GP for sat/sun … anyone else going? would be nice to meet up if so!



That’s a very pretty bike you have there, although I usually find the faster ones are blue and white!! :wink: :smiley:

If you can get to Borough Market near London Bridge tomorrow night you may well meet some people that are going to the GP at the weekend.

Oh and welcome to the mad house! :w00t:

Which SW? If you are in SW7 we can go for a coffee.

Come come now dont be colourist :hehe:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Tart, you going after the Gingers now?:smiley:

Welcome to the forum GG. Just ignore Joby, he`s the sectioned LB pervert.:smiley:

hi and welcome to lb

Just playing to my strengths. Must put the garden picnic in the calendar soon.

Hi and welcome…:D…everyone knows blacks the fastest colour…:wink:

Hi GG, welcome to the madhouse. Hope to see you at some of the many fun filled events organised by ‘da manigment’… :slight_smile:

Hi GG…from one fellow noob to another! V nice ride you got there!!

Now about that coffee…

Don’t you know northerners only drink tea?..are you a comedian in your spare time Joby?

no no ignore him.

You and me, quiet little coffee place called Monmouth, opposite Borough Market tonight. They do great coffee. I’ll even bring a baguette for you!

god…you’re really spoiling me with all this comedy value

Oh yes we did drink a lot of tea when I was at University in Leeds, mostly Yorkshire tea, my cafe does regular and herbal tea. I’m not actually a comedian but I’m good at entertaining company.

Welcome GG and congrats on a lovely looking bike, everyone knows black is faster. :smiley:

HI all not so much of a new beeeeee just been a long time lol so thought id come and say hi

Hi GG and welcome. They are quite tame really: boys, quit fighting over the redhead okay??:smiley: