Noob in Surrey

Hi all,

New to biking. Passed my DAS about 3 weeks ago and have an 09 Yamaha XJ6N.

Enjoying riding but getting a little bored of always heading out on my own - as I’m completely new to biking I don’t really know anyone else that does, currently!

Hoping to get out on some ride outs and meet some others in the area to hit the roads with.

Based just down the road from Box Hill which is handy for the Rykas meets although I don’t know anyone down there yet.

Anyway, this site and community look great, so looking forward to joining in.




Welcome… I am in Carshalton, just up the A216…

Welcome to the madhouse… will message you when I am out… sometimes, the best roads can be found in “wondering” mode :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum Phil…

Hope you enjoying biking so far…

Ride safe :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,

Welcome :slight_smile:

I’ll be up for a ride one I’ve got my bike, I’m not a million miles away.
I’ll give you a shout one weekend soon (hopefully!)