Noob in London


Been recommended this site by someone I met the other day, apparently the community is great.

I’m from Bristol, up working in the Smoke for a few months, might move here permanently…if I can find a way to get over the Hammersmith flyover without being killed on a monday morning that is.

Anyway, noob in London, dont know anyone or anywhere and keep getting lost. Not a noob biker though, been riding 17 years, ZX-10R pilot, DSA qualified instructor too.

Pleased to meet ya’all.

First question: Is there a bike place vaguely near Southwark bridge where I could get a quick chain adjustment done one lunchtime?


hi and welcome

Don’t worry about getting lost :slight_smile: I’m here 3rd year and still get the same problem :w00t:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB :cool:

hi fella

Hello and welcome to LB:D