noob from se london

Hi been lurking for a bit.Just been looking at scooters due to a career change and need a better way to commute in and found this little haven along the way.


Its a haven alright. Just dont tell anyone else :wink:

Get yourself along to a few meets.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

hi welcome to LB

Hi, welcome along. There banter on here is excellent, a must for all two wheeled commuters, weekend warriors, power rangers …

and nobbers like iLLZ :smiley:

… transcontinental adventurers, wannabees, hot girls, hot boys, old farts, faggots, retards, politicians, crashers, riders with broken bones, ruptured nuts, comedians, poofs, the list goes on and on…

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Shut up you tit, btw welcome to lb… I’m the VIP member… I’m the best rider on the forums… I’m cocky and arrogant, I own the sexiest r6 ever… Don’t try race me I will roll u into a spliff and smoke u

Shutup u tit I’m a vet … Welcome to lb… I got an r6

ooi be nice! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooi Stop being arrogant and cocky!:w00t:

Ur a vet? like Dr Doolittle?!?!:smiley: Did u put ur finger in Bambi?

I wanna piece of dat :smiley:

Ps. Its all good being arro and racy, but u gotta lose those restrictors 1st ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Ps x2… I like taking the pi$$ so dont take too much notice of me:hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:

Andy can provide all of the above at the drop of a hat, thats why hes known everywhere as LBs fixer or Mr Farty Pants to his friends.:slight_smile:

You are right, as usual, but i didnt know you’d experienced my panty farts. :w00t:

We have no first hand experience but subsequent E-mail exchanges with Lagos Bleu have made us ready ourselves with a visit to Lawrence Corner before it closed to purchase gas masks in anticipation. (Fair point, I bought them in 1997 but previous posts will tell you I have precognition)

Lies. :smiley:
Those wet squelching noise in the night were from the German porn he was watching , not my arris.

Welcome Aboard

“roll you in a spliff and smoke you”…brilliant. I may start using that as my own!


welcome to the LB :cool:

Ello and welcome

Welcome to LB mate