Noob Alert... Part Deux!!!

Hi all,

Have finnaly got my first bike after passing my DAS with greenmean over 18 months ago!!!

It may not be the biggest… or fastest but it is mint and its MINE!!! :cool:

Behold my 1996 Honda CB500…

14k on the clock and it is absolutely mint!!! Was quite fun bringing it back on the M25 yesterday (Didn’t stall once!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you at the Ace Cafe soon!

Cheers YOGi

Welcome to LB and congrats on the new bike :slight_smile:

Did you mention it’s mint. Welcome to LB and congrats on finding a mint CB500 :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

welcome to LB.

i had a cb500s great choice of bike.

was nt that mint tho very nice:D

ride safe now

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Thanks all!!


That is a mint bike! I hope you keep it like that:)

And…Welcome to LB:)

Hello and Welcome

Nice mint CB500 :wink:

Hi and welcome, nice bike. :smiley: