non dealer Ducati service in London

Does anyone have any experiencve of using rosso corse in Bethnal green for servicing? I’ve been using The Ducati service centre in King Cross who are good but very expensive so looking to find a good specialist rather than main dealer. Has anyone any experience of using rosso corse in east London?

There are people who swear by them and people who wonder why.

I’d recommend Mike Dawson at MD Racing. He’s moved to Leatherhead - don’t know if that’s too far for you. Or you could give Snells a ring - they’re a proper dealer so your service stamps will be continued and they’ll pickup and drop back - free I believe.

My father in law has his own garage in southfleet and specialises in Ducati he is red hot round them can check out his website is bbsmotorcycles any probs give me a shout !

Have a read in this thread:

Or wait for Sneaky to be reminded and get very angry :hehe:

I’m reminded! GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It aint 6.30am and now I have the right’ump!:angry: Ray proved himself to be a @!$%&^&^%$£@! unreliable @!%^&^%$@. I thought with all them bikes there in bits he was very busy. The prob is every time you go there its mainly the same bikes in bits, not different ones that have come in. When I get my next Ducati, although I live in Essex, Pro Twins will be getting the work… They’re in Godstone Surrey. They’re that good!:cool:

Thanks. Sounds like Snell is the better place considering the comments on Rosso Corse. Just FYI Sneel’s rates are the same as Rosso except I’ll have to pay £50 for collection and delivery.

…or £50 for a dealer stamp on the service history.

If its £200 more at Pro Twins I’d pay it. I tried to save some cash with RC and it cost me an engine rebuild, dyno time elsewhere whilst I tried to sort the sh1t he’d caused!:angry: The dyno man said he’d never seen so much sealant in a engine when he took the carbs off!