Non-clear Arai pinlock inserts

Anyone used one of those? I’ve only had a clear and a light smoke. I’m curious if anyone used the orange or yellow tint? Supposedly good for low light and rain respectively.
My old insert doesn’t seem to fit properly properly anymore so it’s time for a new one…

I believe PJ has the yellow one and likes it.
I’ve used yellow tint googles when snowboarding in low light and they do help.

I’ve not used the coloured pinlocks. I have the clear ones in my tinted visor(s) instead, as I find it gives me a better field of vision.

Have you seen the react-to-light pinlock inserts that Arai now do? They’re supposed to be really good. I’d be interested to hear from anyone on here who’s used them and what they think about them.

I know 2 people with the reactalite inserts and they swear by them

I might have to try the reactive ones then, didn’t realise Arai started making those! Looks like I currently own a dark tint one which is a bit too dark for night-time riding.
The clear one I’ve been finding a bit useless. Doesn’t stop the fogging really and is just obstructive.
Thanks guys!

I use a yellow pinlock insert when its raining and on miserable grey mornings. Actually it stays in even at night when i wear it and the only issue is with the traffic lights, they are not the same colour LOL

Although i wear a Shoei not an Arai but the principle is the same :stuck_out_tongue:

haha brilliant. I ordered a yellow one in the end, see how that goes.

dark tint at night is proving a bit too dark. good in well lit areas and fantastic in reducing glare but sometimes hard to see pedestrians…

Got it today. I be trippin’.

Haven’t ridden in it yet but I expect it will it be fun.