Non bike related ..opinions needed

sorry completely off topic but really needed to have some feedback…

I am currently thinking about retraining as a holistic massage therapist ( stop those dirty remarks straight away boys! lol)

Can any of you tell me if you actually go and have a regular massage wether it be sports or therapy based or have a mobile therapist come to you? I’m particularly interested in the reasons you have this done i.e general relaxation, injury related, stress etc as I’m trying to decide between the hoslitic route or sports massage route (working in a gym/spa or freelance mobile therapy). or would you say this has been replaced by other therapies now?

Thanks guys…

Only ever had sports massages myself, all due to various injuries of the musular variety.

Likewise - only ever had deep muscle sports massage’s.

Def recommend them to anyone with most types of muscular aches etc etc.

I normally have a deep tissue massage. I sometimes go to a gym for it or have this girl I know come to my house to do it.

I have them mainly for relaxation.

bother I can add that I have only ever had ‘specials’ nothing hollistic about them but by heck I always felt better afterwards

In a previous job the company used to pay a lady to come round once a week or so and give shoulder and neck massages, supposed to be good for people who use computes all day, sit in a chair etc. Certainly hit the spot I have to say.

Thanks guys so pretty positive then! im vearing more towards the sports type then… do blokes think its namby pamby to just go for a standard massage? :confusedhonestly… im not being sarky)i.e more likely to go for the sports than for relaxation…

Dirty boy!

Hey Wee Darlin

A couple of the guys that I know all go for the sports massage option, apparently something about a lot more pressure being used…

Hopefully catch up soon.

massage!!! whats all that about?

where i come from its a rub down with a wet whippet and a good beating with nettles then a pot o’tea straighten ur cap and back to work no whinging.

but what ever path you choose good luck to ya x

We have a free massage provided at the office every two weeks, and I love it!

You northern lads are made of strong stuff!!

I like a massage with a happy ending but you normally have to pay extra for that

i dont pay unless I get that…