After months of faffing about i finally treated myself, new bike new lid lol and im well impressed with it, nice n quiet, snug fit sunvisor outside great 4 wearers of glasses, recomended.

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but you will find with use, the sun visor will fall down and temporarily leave you blind at night, at speed. I know i have the Ncom n 102 and i had to take it off in the end.

I’ve got an N84 and it’s a great lid. Not used it at ridiculous speed, but after a year’s use and abuse the helmet’s still comfy and I don’t have any problems with the sun visor- still as tight as when I bought it.

Just need to save up for the in-helmet bluetooth kit you can buy…

Well dont speed at night and it stays up, 70 (ish) on motorway and its fine :smiley:

If you have that problem, your helmet needs adjusting, and your supplier should be happy to do it. Therre’s a 5 yr guarantee on those lids, so if it isn’t working perfectly then I’d get it sorted for free.

unwise to post the velocity it actually does get forced down :D:D