Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Phone - Brand New, Sealed

Hehe… Forget it - I just been reading up on it and my ‘Shiiiiiiiny’ chip has gone wild so I’m gonna keep it and sell my current phone and my MP3 player instead! :smiley:

Hi All,

I just wangled a brand new Nokia 5800 out of T-Mobile - I haven’t even got it yet - turning up in a couple of days.

It’s locked to T-Mobile, but the dude told me it can be unlocked.

It will accept both contract and PAYG sim cards.

Don’t know what accessories, but the spec (use the link above) says it comes with an 8gb card - this will all be included in the sale.

This is what Nokia say should be in the box:

5800 XpressMusic with pen stylus Battery BL-5J High Efficiency Charger AC-8 Music Headset HS-45, AD-54 Video-out Cable CA-75U Connectivity Cable CA-101 8 GB microSDHC card MU-43 Stylus plectrum in wrist strap CP-306 User guide and Quick guide Mini DVD I’ll confirm this as soon as I receive it.

As it has a retail price of £250, was thinking of asking £200.

PM me if you’re interested.