Noisy front disks

I have done about 500 miles on my new CBF600. The front bakes are very noisy and I sound like an articulated lorry when I stop! There is not loss of braking power or damage just a lot of irritating noise, especially when braking hard. Any ideas on what I can do? The bike is going to Honda for a first service next week.

copper grease on the BACK of the pads…not the front
This helps dampen the vibrations which are probably causing the noise.
Ofcourse, do check the wear anyway!


If you mean ‘brand new bike’, i’d take it straight back to the dealer & get them to sort it. OE pads on well set up calipers dont squeek (assume thats whats happening) the dealer has no excuse.

I have the same problem on my front brakes on the fazer, get back to the dealers and check em out!

Yep sounds like back of pads need greasing, even the Brembo calipers i fitted needed greasing as when the bikes comes from factoryeverything is dry as a bone

What sort of noise??

If its a PFFFTTTTT thats good, all brakes when new should make that noise, my Brembos still do.

If its a SQUEEEEEKEEEE then its the pads vibrating with a different harmonic frequency as the calipers, grease on the back of the pads will sort it out.

If the noise is like cooking bacon then tha’s good - I get that off my brakes!

Yum bacon… must get breakfast!!

Thanks everyone - I will get Honda to sort it this time but I will know what to do for the future.

If you dont use them you wont get the noise.

yep try the grease and if that dont work try ur feet instead!!LOL