Noisy exhaust MOT failure!

Hey people,

I have a dilemma!

Took my recently purchased GSXR to get an MOT, and before they even tested it they said it would fail because of its extremely noisy exhaust!

Problem is, the exhaust is an under-seat conversion, which does not have a baffle and cannot have on inserted.

The garage has said to make it road legal; they would have to convert it back to a regular exhaust, costing about £650 altogether!

I really don’t have the money to be forking out on a new exhaust, and I guess it will be hard for me to sell the bike on as well.

Any ideas or solutions?

There are some places that will do it (you just got to find’em - and pay a good tip)

Someone on here will prob no somewhere!

Thanks Sean, anyone know any places? Please PM me!

I live in Kent, but anywhere in or around London will suit me! Petrol is cheaper than a new exhaust!

what about that place up near brands…i dont know what its called but there supposed to be ok !

sssssshtop! why are you so worried… use one of these.

easy peesee

cheers Paul

Cheers nuts, not sure if it will fit my silencer though, as its not really a conventional shape, its quite flat

These guys do MOTs and are pretty good about exhausts. Ask them if it’s quiet enough before they actaully test it. They are a good bunch and don’t rip you off.

is it road legal?.. the exhaust?..

if so,… tell me to shove it up their a$$.

I believe its a race exhaust, but it hasnt got “race use only” or anything similar marked on it, it also does not have a BS stamp on it.

Heres the exhaust:

Drei, yes ive seen the tags for £5, i think I might just buy one anyway, lol, I let you know what happens, going to go to every garage on Saturday, lol

Yes anything over 3 years old needs an MOT, when you go to the post office with your renewal form or V5, they will be able to see the bike is 2 years old for example and know it does not need an MOT

If the bike’s less than 3 years old, the section on the renewal form where it states documents required should have a nice blank space instead of the words ‘a current test certificate’. The post office counter people don’t know or care, they just go by what the form says you need.

Stop worrying bruv…

If the can is unmarked…It is legal…Only illegal if it says not for road use.

For the noise, pack the exhaust with some material…Think its wire wool you use…The bike may run a bit rough, but they’re not testing for that and the sound should be deadened enough

Hope that helps…

I’ll try and find what material is normally used to pack an exhaust from some V Twin bike guys like RSV 1000 owners…Watch dis space seeeeeeen!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Afro, pack the exhaust, nice one, lol!

Holla at me when you know, im gonna buy an exhaust tag too, just to make sure, lol

I need to be on the road riding, im gettin bored driving in my cage…

Don’t get an ebay tag…They’re well known by the feds and a simple “Is that a standard can sir” becomes, you’re nicked for fraud…Leave it alone…The MOTs were changed recently to state that as long as the can does not have ‘Not for road use’ then it us fine…Doesn’t need a BSAU stamp

Ok, found some links

This is recommended by the V Twin guys, but the site is in German unfortunately

These guys may be ok too…(At least the site is in English)

oh ok, thanks for letting me know!

wow thats a cool site, im sure that will do the job, cheers dude.


i got my bike thro’ MOT with loud can on

can PM you the details - based in Burgess Hill

let me know

dude that stuff is for repacking the exhaust - i.e. take the unit apart, and replace the padding around the baffle. if you have a race bore in the middle, you can stick as much as you like in there and you wont get close to official limits. most of the reduction on a stock unit is due to the airflow going through baffle chambers which aren’t there on a race exhaust

(i turned my stock exhaust into a race one with jonesy by doing this).

there are enough places that dont give a monkeys (per my pm). there isn’t a great deal of difference to you turning up with a stocker, and flipping them over the moment you leave the door anyway.

you can prob wedge a db killer in there for the purposes of the Mot if you really get stuck.

defo dont get the tag

out of interest, wot mot place did ya go to?

Try another 1 (mot place) m8, ask the bloke b4 you do mot wot he thinks, if will pass mot. most bike mot’ers are ok.

I will PM you GSXR rocker, as I dont want them to track me down, lol, plus they are my local garage, albeit not one of the best, but necessary in an emergency as its walking/pushing distance from my house, lol

Killer, thanks ive got loads of places to go to now, if I need another one I will give you a shout, cheers for the advice Johnny