Noise Level Measuring

Hi anyone know where to get noise level measured - got a GSXR with an aftermarket exhaust and I am not sure its quiet enough for most tracks so want to get it properly measured before booking track days - it has a Yoshi race baffle in so I reckon it might be borderline :wink:

I have an app for that … Decible meter from android shop … free of charge download . Checked it against one at work and it aint far out .

was looking at sound meters on flea bay too just not sure how accurate they would be - anyone bought one of them ?

Or if you’re not far from a racing circuit pop down on one of their trackdays and the noise testing guys will be happy to test it for you.

Other methods may not be quite so reliable/accurate but will give you a ballpark figure. Make sure you hold the meter at the right distance and angle plus the correct RPM depending on your machine’s engine cofiguration.

cheers from what I can figure out its 0.5m at angle of 45 degrees level with exhaust exit and revs on a 1000cc 4 cyl are 5,500 rpm - agree will just give an indication but if comfortably under I can relax - otherwise plan B is to pop to a local track to get a test. I want to do Brands this year so may contact them to get a measurement from them cheers

I used the iPhone app top measure my GSR600 (scorpions, no baffles and no Cat converter). It measured around 95db. I got to Brands Hatch and their meters measured 103db. thats a massive correctional error on a free app.

long story short, get a decent db meter or pay the price when you cant get on the track… :ermm:

yep order a meter with +/_ 1.5dB accuracy see how that works out :slight_smile:

If you’ve got any friends on a large-ish building site, the safety man will probably have a decent one.

Go to track as +/- 1.5 could see you not make it to the track as my sv only passed by 0.5db

I’ve got a SPL meter. Where do you live? I can come measure it for you…