Noise from Bike that is reduced/eliminated when pulling in the clutch.

Had some work done on the bike, picked it up at the weekend and I noticed that it was a bit clunky sounding, and when I engage the clutch the sound is significantly reduced if not entirely eliminated.

I have a video of the sound…anyone have any ideas on what it might be? Would like to have some idea before I ring the mechanic on Monday and have a chat with him.

Clutch basket? Either way up that tickover speed!

yeah i thought tick over maybe a bit low, you know your bike, sounds like revs are low.

wot work did you have done?

Matt put it down a little while ago.

I thought clutch basket because one of Cheeky’s bikes had the same issue, but it was fine Tuesday, like that Saturday, I was hoping it might have been something else.

Would it come on top like that, just out of the blue?

Throttle bodies were done and generally a diagnostic look at the bike because it felt like there was an air/fuel mix issue, If the bike had Carbs I would have bet good money on it being that.

As it was, it was the 2nd cylinder which has lost about 50% of its compression, which is not an easy or cheap fix, seems like it would be cheaper and easier to buy a new engine and put that in, which I will probably do over the winter.

Just worried that now I will be looking at a new clutch as well, which just keeps upping the cost of repair :frowning:

now how did you manage that? :w00t: