Nodding revival

Yes, nodding’s back. No nods for years then suddenly I get three in the space of about 5 minutes. Could be the strong winds wobbling peoples heads about I suppose:P

rarely in london do i get a nod, usually give someone teh nod at lights sometimes in traffic, on a weekend i get loads pretty much every biker i pass:D

Yep def an outside the M25 thing I think. I do occasionally fire the odd one off in town tho.

Get ‘the nod’ more often than not on rides at the weekend, but to and from work hardly ever,(just aswell …i’d have a neckache every day!)

I occasionally nod in town, just to keep people on their toes :wink:

I nodd when im in the mood and the rest of the time which is most of the time I can’t be arsed so I don’t.Saying hi to a fellow biker is nice but not really important.
To tell the truth most of the time I want to put my bike on her stand run up behind the biker in front and Punch the fool for filtering so slow

Da Artist :cool:

I get a few now and then, even in London. Was bimbling on the A206 to Erith yesterday and nodded at a police instructor taking a DAS Student on their test (nice weather for it!) and got a nod in return. Had the same with other officers too. Must be the white Storm Trooper helmet, hi vis and Altbergs I wear… :smiley:

I got one the other day in SE London… guy nodded so hard he almost fell off :blink: Bit over-enthusiastic I think :stuck_out_tongue:

If only we were all middle lane GP stars:w00t:

Most of the time I don’t get a nod back from other bikers in London, I don’t bother nodding at couriers as i don’t think I ever have had a nod off one. Outside of Town always get a nod or give a nod, people are far more courteous outside of London.

Dont think it is dis-curteousy that means people dont nod within M25, jsut too many bikers around…! I will occaisionally nod at the lights, and always nod outside the M25…

I even nod to the scoots…I would nod to Johnp if i ever saw him too…

We like to think so;):smiley:

No need to be a Moto Gp star like me hahaha, just please move over and let faster bikers pass, not holding fellow bikers up is just as nice as nodding but a lot more helpful Da Artist

You nod to scoots too, must have some serious neck pain mate.

usually nod while stood at the lights in town, nod outside town all the time, especially on weekend rides, probably coz everyone is more relaxed, and roads not so congested.

Sometimes there can be too much nodding! I dont live too far from Brands and if Im riding about after a bike meet all I do is nod after being nodded at by nearly every bike I go past! I feel bad if I dont nod back :stuck_out_tongue:

I nod if the rider and I show common respect, or eye contact…

Anyone who tries to force me off the road cos I’m not nuking it through a TINY gap doesn’t get one… I bet they’re really unhappy about that too… :slight_smile:

Earn your nods folks, treat each other how you’d wanna be treated… Londoners don’t nod, cos most people treat each other like poo…

U got to give to get…

I never nod to people with rim tapes or mohawks stuck on their lids:w00t:

i love people filtering in front of me, if anyones gonna get taken out its the man in front…:D:P:w00t:

why would you want to punch someone for being slower than you? just because someone is less confident/capable than you is hardly a reason to beat them up.i think most of us nod outside of london, there are too many bikes to nod at inside the m25.