Nodding Code

The most enthusiastic nod off ive ever had was off a Harley rider!.. I was passing him down Chislehurst road and he nodded with such exaggeration his chin wasn’t too far off touching his front wheel! :smiley:

Out of London i nod and most riders nod back, the only riders who don`t are Harley and BMW riders.

Generaly inside the M25 seems to be a bit of a nod free zone, so I find getting a nod in London feels a bit more special than elsewhere.I have found myself instinctively giving the nod to other bikers when on foot a couple of times, that can’t just be me can it? :Whistling:

lol - no - ive done that too ;)But wait!!! YOU ARE THE EVIL MOJO-JOJO!!! fighting stance :crazy:

If it’s not to busy I’ll nod in Central London but nod in most other places


I’m a fairly nervous filterer.

So when I’m filtering towards the Blackwall Tunnel early in the morning (going Northbound) I move out of the way to let other bikes through.

99% either nod or shake a leg.

Nice and courteous. So I think it’s more out of practicality than anything else.

Me too, have a tendancy of doing it when im in the van too then i think to my self dumbass :w00t:

I nod when I’m not concentrating on something else, like filtering, or not being taken out by the dozy idiot drifting across the white line while he’s on the phone.

I’ll nod to anyone, though - regardless of what they’re riding. And if they don’t nod back, I follow them home and spray brake fluid on their car. Miserable gits. :hehe:

LMAO :w00t:

+1 :D:D:D

agree with e here… try to have a laugh with the other bikers at traffic lights, usually a head shake at the cyclists playing chicken with the cars when they run red lights!!

Ah, Blossom! Why can I not go anywhere without bumping into at least one of my arch nemeses??? I suggest a truce - on this forum I will not continue our feud and will be plain Jojo - even evil needs some time off you know :smiley: [not hatching evil plan oh no]Back to nodding - as an experiment this morning I nodded at every biker on my way to work (only about 6 this morning, oddly) and didn’t get one single nod back, I think I must be doing it wrong :unsure:

I was up in Yorkshire (Leeds & Skipton areas) on Monday and Tuesday, and the code there seems to be to wave . First time it happened I thought maybe he was trying to tell me there was a speed trap or I’d left my indicators on or something.

Closer to home I tend to nod at pretty much anything and anything except 17 year olds on scoots or 125 trailies. Get most nods back from people on a similar bike to me (sort of sports), a few from cruisers, almost never from tourers.

And I reckon it warms the heart of a learner to get a nod from someone on a big bike. In 1987 as a tender 17 year old someone actually flashed their main beam at me (on my CB100N!) and I felt great. Two hundred yards later I bottled it on a right hand curve and ploughed straight into a hedge. Swings and roundabouts, eh?


Yeah theres nothing like being a newbie to biking and getting a nod from someone on an awesome bike. Grin time. :slight_smile:

In London I nod or give the leg to those who let me pass when filtering and to all the guys and gals out there doing their course or test, sometimes for them its a thumbs up. :wink:

Sometimes you can also see if a fellow biker coming up the road is eyeing you out. They also get a good nod and most often return it.

No I dont think its dying out just cant do it all the time.

I always nod to other bikers but in London I only do so if I get eye to eye contact.

I sometimes get a sore neck when on a ride in the country I pass a lot of riders going the other way!