Nodding Bikers

Its something I miss, since moving to London 3 years ago and that is nodding to fellow bikers. The odd one will surprise me and nod which is nice, but the majority don’t which is a bit of a shame

I can understand why, I mean there are LOTS of people on bikes in the city and it would be a bit impractical nodding to every bloody one of them 'cos you’d end up falling off in a dizzy spell!!! lol

So, to nod or not to nod, that is the question.

Who does it and who doesn’t and should we start if we don’t? Phew…

I am a deffo nodder, but in France I am a sure stick your leg out kind of gal…


I’d heard that of the French haha!

There was a thread about this a while back.

Inside M25 is no nod land for me, outside ok.

Not my choice but is what I discovered years ago.

I nod! To nearly everyone, but never couriers, they don’t nod back!

From my Euro trip last year i found that its either left leg out or left hand out and down a tad. Realy odd but somtimes its easier and as my riding style is leg out any way it was real easy.
Doing all again in June.

I nod at everyone only a few ignore me, how ruuuuude

Nod in central Londinium? To fellow Ducatisti and coppers yes but too many bikers around town now to nod them all. Chat at lights etc though.

Was going over Tower Bridge yesterday (which is a 20) and had some prat in a Porsche tailing me. Police biker came the other way so I nodded, as one does, and geezer tailing dropped WAY back Really funny to see.

During my short commute to work tomorrow, i’m going to nod at all the “proper looking” (not couriers) bikers and see what happens, hopefully I won’t get a headache!

It was whilst I was out on good friday, riding around the Richmond area that a couple of proper looking bikers nodded at me and it got me to thinking, maybe all is not lost…I felt the love

For the first few days I had my bike I was thinking that all the bikes passing me must know me !!

I never knew it was etiquette and I’m nodding back now and even doing the first nod … get the odd one or two who ignore me but the majority all nod back.

Is there any other etiquette unwritten rules like this that I need to know ?

What a great idea. Let’s spread the LB nodding (now that could be a hell of a typo) love

We should have a nodding way for londonbikers any ideas anyone??

Yes I have an idea: Let’s not.

If we are to have some sort of secret handshake, wink or twitch, you can count me out

But feel free dude

Acknowledgment is what its all about. I always nod to a fellow biker and 95% of time you get one back. I see it as the fact that we are all in it together and if I should break down I can guarantee that the next bike that comes along will stop and help>

Its a kind of fellowship thing

Why not go in to a sort of epileptic fit where when you see another biker you start convulsing and violently shaking like your plugged in to the mains flapping ya arms and kicking ya legs and then if he/she is a londonbiker then you can both do a sort of mad electric spark dance right there and then, when finished you sort of smile and ride off. !!

I tell ya what though, I feel sorry for ya if you meet more than one LB,er in the same hour…you,ll be knackered !!!

(a londonbikers way of nodding)…PMSL…Ive heard it all !!!

It is cool to acknowledge other riders, but there comes a point at which it is a distraction. So nobody should be a grumpy-trousers and never nod, just do it sensibly.

The Europeans are lucky, they can lower their left hand to each other as they pass on the left. If we did it no one would notice it. If you pass a stream of bikers in France, you just keep your hand out (the lower the cooler I understand), we’d be nodding like a donkey.

Barro, perhaps when you put your light-trickery into production we’ll be able to give each other a multi-coloured flash - perhaps the colour/layout combo indicating the destination, mood, speed and star sign of the rider?

haha, how about stand up on the pegs, one arm point to the sky, the other giving the MJ crotch grab and shout ‘cham-one’?

nodding seems to be tricky enough it has to be said, esp when its rush hour and things get a bit more aggressive

i give the ol leg out thank you when other bikers let me in (about to join filtering etc)

would do the same for cars but they wouldn’t have a scooby what i’m doing. putting your hand up to thank 'em gets tricky when its controlling the bike but give it a whirl when i can as you dont meet that many courteous cage drivers in london

having said that, when i smack the occassional wing mirror i’m dust…

Following the last nodding thread I have started nodding more but particulaly at pizza delivery people, it confuses the heck out of them!!

P.S. Weaver, what is that avitar!!

TBH on my way into and from work I’ve got too many other things to be concerned about to be thinking about nodding at fellow bikers. Certainly if I’m sat at traffic lights and someone on a bike next to me looks over I’ll give 'em a friendly nod. But on the move? No can do, too busy concentrating on everything else.

I did have a fellow R6-er flash his light and nod the other day, so I felt it rude not to return the greeting.

Another thing to remember when you think your nod is being ignored is, if the other rider is wearing a dark visor you can’t even tell if they are looking at you or not, so you may nod thinking that the rider is looking back at you (as their head may appear to be looking vaguely in your direction), but their eyes are in fact looking away from you. So they aren’t always being rude, perhaps just concentrating on something else.

Anyway big nods to everyone…