nobody in catford can drive (allmost crashed )

so today iv nearly been taken out 4 times all of witch have been in catford highstreed coming or going to black heath at about 4pm i was going to me dan to go on the woolwich ferry for a laugh. I was going down catford highstreet and a polo was svering into the bus lane and out then almost to my front wheel out then 2 mins later a old shape polo did the same thing. then on my way home a pink rav 4 pulled out of a side turning making me come to a allmost stop and then pulled away slow as anything in front of me. Then later on i was going back to the tea hut to meet dan again and going down catford high street and then a bus pulled out infront of me i just managed to stop the car behind me slid to about a foot behind my back wheel but let me get into more detail because it was a strange encounter.

image below
so i was ride down the high street at point 1 the bus put its right indicator on now i had been messing around with a car behind me 2 kids in that i was talking to at tht light so i went in front and went 30mph to see if they would over take, half way between number 1 and 2 the bus started to move out as it was pulling out from the cerb to go down the bus lane so i slowed a bit and moved over right a bit more just in case. Now im at point 2 wer the bus is moving then suddenly pulled right across infront of me as if he wanted my lane but the bus lane was clear so i slammed my breaks on and came to a stop at a small island photo below the car slammed its break on and slid about a foot from my back wheel and now i had one foot on the island other on the peg and i was standing up with the clutch in so im now looking right into the drivers cab i can see his face i shout “what the flying F**k what are you doing” he shoutes back then started to get out the bus runs around to my bike leans over the front mudguard and grabs my handle back and starts puling my bike back and forwards witch makes me let go of the clutch and stall i think when he pushed it back it went into the car behind witch the 2 kids are now standing out side of there car, cos he kept shaking even after i stalled i lumped him one and he falls over i think to myself crap i shouldn’t of done that and guess what the old bill are coming the other way and watched me hit him so they pulled over.

i explained to them what happened the boys in the car behind said what happened witch was the same as what i said and the bus driver came out with some crap about i slowed down then as he pulled out i speed up but why was he changine lane out of a clear bus lane it was like he did it on perpus so i would hit him or something. the police said ok made him pull over back into the bus lane took out names what happend said me and the boys in the car can go and said hes requesting the bus company send out a driver to take the bus to a depo and the driver to have a evaluation’s of his driveing. =[

ps its 1:20 am my speeling and grammar is crap at the best of times ill try make it make more sense tomorrow when i wake up goodnight all

sounds like fun, you out playing with the traffic again tomorrow ? :slight_smile:

hopefully not lol

The obvious solution is stop going to blackheath, a win win situation :smiley: