No wonder less than 10% of them have a passport...

Would go anywhere else either…

u 2 should be i n bed fornicating… not online so late…
Charlie, what time will u be home tomorrow eve so that i can get my bike of you?

That was awesome! is it far from the M25?

Sorry guys I’m with you Charlie.
Great scenery but christ turn off tha yank schmaltz and send for the crusher…far too much Detroit pig-iron on those roads…and I don’t mean the Harley’s. Few too many maudlin red-neck meat heads out there if that’s the kind of whingey “home on the range” twaddle that gets them fired up.

What’s wrong with Prodigy’s Spitfire?

they are bikers…celebrating their love of biking… wherever they live and whatever they ride !

we should all celebrate it and not knock it

Yeah, the long straights are where it’s at!

Celebrate biking, but kill Country and Western fans I say

Kill C&W fans, Kill scooterists !?!?

I get the impression you’re not a live and let live type of guy Toby !

As for me, I’d love to do a bit of touring out there on a Harley, wouldn’t want to ride one all the time mind but I’d enjoy a few weeks out there on one.

I’m sure all you critics would hate it !

If you stand for parliment - you can rely on my vote.

Kill as many fans as you like, you’ll only take my Johnny Cash albums from my cold. dead hands

Watch it and wonder what kind of darkness gives birth to such a thing!

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt sang by Johnny Cash…always gives me goose bumps…

what a song to leave this earth on…brilliant

I managed a bit longer than 10 sec but didn’t make the end

“Fear is the path to the dark side: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

Seduced by the dark side, the fearful young Tobi-wan is.

Great countryside… but whenever I see a ‘bandana’ I want to vomit,

I must have fallen asleep.