No wonder cyclists are getting killed

This is not from their stupidity but the absolute disregards of any form or indication of check by a lorry driver this morning!

Yes this is a rant but I’m soo enraged by what he did I feel I need to let of steam

So there is works down my road, big lorry waiting on the side of the raod (you could not tell it was manned, no lights, not idicators nothing as far as you could see it was unmanned). Then it just pulls out nearly sending the 2 cyclists behind (one being me) under it’s rear wheels and the cyclist coming towards it to slam into the front of it…

300m up the road it just stops, so me another cyclist and car behind slam on the anchors again, all of a sudden it just strats reversing into a space again no warning, no signals nothing again if it was not for the fact I managed to get onto the curb he would have had me under the wheels!!!

people are blaming cyclist and I’m not saying some aren’t doing silly things, but when you have complete cock ends like that driving I’m surprised the figures are not higher…

Totally discusted by what happened. I would have taken his details if it was not for the fact that I had to be at work…

So work is more important than your life? Sorry if that sounds narky, but if you were that enraged then you should of taken details.
Also if it had done a stupid move once, I’d of stayed clear in case it did another one.

Nivag - Don’t judge me when you don’t know me!

doesn’t matter for knobs like that as he will just carry on doing it! and yes it is a wanky thing to say as you weren’t there and don’t know the circumstances!

you tell me how many times you have had incidents and stopped to take their details?

This, generally, is the problem with letting human beings operate machinery. They get it wrong sometimes.

Taking the details after the event is unlikely to be a life changing decision to be fair - I doubt anything would be done if you called the police to tell them about a bad driver anyway.

If the driver was delivering/working at a site then you don’t need to know the drivers details - write to the contractor directly, if it’s a decent sized site in London then it’s probably covered by the considerate constructors scheme so there will be contact details on the hoarding.

@ monkimark it is massive I’ve site. and I probably will walk down later although the lorry was unmarked so likely to be some sort of sub-contractor/delivery vehicle.

and you are right, baring in mind it would have been me against the driver and the 20 or so construction workers on the ground and lets face it they would not have stood up for me…

If it’s a big London site then they almost certainly have a booking system for deliveries so they’ll have a good idea who the delivery company was.
If the main contractor gets notified that their deliveries are causing a danger then they will almost certainly do something about it because there are pretty serious consequences for them if someone gets injured - they really ought to have traffic marshals/banksmen out on the road if they have vehicles moving around out there.

Yeah, even if your single call wont fix the problem if several people complain they may decide to do something.

I don’t know what change you’re expecting if the only people you tell are a bunch of uninvolved people on a motorbike forum.

@monk thanks I will do that. For the record they do have traffic marshals and they were doing FA about it.

@Big to be honest I just needed to let off steam (obviously calmed down a bit now) but I will do as above and call. Given what happened this morning I’m surprised no one has been hurt luckily it is generally a quite road not much goes down here.

I love a good rant on a sunny morning!

As Big Red said, if everyone took the time to complain then something might be done. Even if nothing gets done but you’ve made the effort to and then the unthinkable happens I’d be happier in myself knowing I’d said something.

The sleeper, I don’t blame you for not taking the details. When you consider all the accidents motorcyclists are in due to a lack of observation or dangerous driving of other cagers and then the lack of any sort of prosecution from the police in the majority of cases, you just think what’s the point. After all, they’re all too busy catching speeders (not a slur on the coppers, just the powers that be that ask them to do so).
When I come across drivers like that, I just want to be away from them ASAP but it’s different on a push bike.

Sleeper, you are sounding like the perfect advert for a helmet-cam!

@ mark funny enough I was looking at them yesterday…