No Trousers, No Problem

Hi folks.

With winter in full throw, what better way to spend this Sunday than walking around in public without any trousers.

I’m going in leathers and MX boots. Team LB! Who’s in?

PS and yes, I will have my helmet in hand.

Don’t get ideas Martin…

Guy needs to grow up and realise he isn’t a student any more.

Reminded me of this show…

Back to your crossword, grumpy cat! Should be around 2-300 people. Starts from 1.30.

LOL, only watched 5 seconds of the video clip and see the bird on the subway is reading a book called ‘Rape’. So she’s then going on to talk about wandering around the city with no trousers on?! Controversy moment… Talk about asking for it :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s that black dress and funny wig wearing going for ya? :wink:

The most boring YouTube video you will ever watch in your life…

sounds like a version of those naked cycle rides but for softies.

who the hell thought January was a good time for this

If you want legal advice, Kaos is your man. Other than that, ignore him :slight_smile:

Excuse me whilst I get back to the group of Brazilian nurses who are loving the helmet jokes. Carry on.

How do you know they are Brazilian can you see through there nickers. :slight_smile:

who’s dog is that?

so cute!


You’re in the Daily Mail Martin!

Haha I just spotted Martin too, youre famous!!! for all the wrong reasons but still!!! :w00t:

was it cold Martin? :wink:

Not 1 skidmark was spotted :stuck_out_tongue: