No To Bike Parking Brigades Tactics

Right after reading the ruling thread on the high court ruling where it has been confirmed that they intend to escalate the demonstration tactics

This is not a thread for wayward digression there a plenty for oppossing and agreement discussion regarding the cause ,this is simply a do you agree with their methods or do you think that they are just making things worse and even though they are doing this in a Motorcylists interest are they alienating and putting us all in a large collective group

My Answer is No i do not agree and every wednesday i hear that the breakfast club is on i laugh .

Yes I agree with their tactics.

Civil disobedience and disruption of the norm is a tactic used by loads of different groups, most notably Trade Unions.

I, being a socialist, support Trade Unions and strike action. I also support action taken by individuals that recreate the disruption of strike action.

Really not sure we need yet another thread regarding this:w00t:

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No you don’t, you agree with some of their tactics. You already told us about the criminal damage and teh support for it elsewhere.

No I agree with all of their tactics. I just don’t agree with the tactics employed by some people who share their goals.Look at the argument you are making. The police support reducing crime, so by using your logic, they support vigilantes…they have a common goal, therefore they share responsibility for the actions of anyone that share that goal.It is rather silly. The NoToBike “Brigade” that have said they will escalate their demonstrations, those described in the original post, do not condone criminal damage.

Strike action is not civil disobedience . . . :rolleyes:

Ok if this thread goes the way if all previous threads regarding this subject I’m going to pull it. We don’t need more heated debates about this subject. Stick to the subject matter or don’t bother posting.

I agree … as mentioned this is not for debate or discussion this is just for your sole view of if you agree or not and a suitable reason if required … Apologies to Mods for having to keep a eye and have given my agreement to this thread being terminated without question …

Hold on a second, the criminal dmage is actively supported on their forums, have a look and you’ll plainly see.Bearing in mind that the NTBPF lot are a tiny minority - only a membership of approx 400 - yet they insist that they are right in all they do and that their view is correct. They have been seen to abuse and threaten those that disagree with their minority view.
They can’t even stick to thier own forum rules.
They have in the past released the private addresses of those that are against them knowing full well that that individual will get grief at their home.They have followed the legal line - which I think was a good thing) and now that hasn’t worked for them the usual calls for bringing London to a standstill etc etc are being called for.As to the argument I’m making … I’m not having an argument, I’m raising points I feel are valid. As to comparing it to vigilantism, that example hasn’t helped you in disputing my point as it is against the law and not in any way supported by the Police.I suppose you’ll tell me that it’s the same as me stating if I tell someone I like meat then I must be for canabilism ??? Really, you can do better than that.Edited to add that … as can be clearly seen from above. I disagree with their tactics and hope they stop or are stopped soon.

Good. Me too. We’re going to be needing all of that (and not just for the bike tax)


i dont agree with the wednesday lefty club.
other bikers/motorcyclists are affected by their actions due to using public transport and having to drive lorrys/cabs/cars etc for their day job.
also all of us getting the bad press etc cos of them

+1 PJ

@ Tim: Enlighten us, please.

I don’t agree with their tactics at all! I think they alienate bikers as a group, and that the only people they actually inconvenience is the general public who use the roads around central London. The local authority are probably rubbing their hands in glee at the fact that you shoot yourself in the foot everytime you disrupt traffic in the city!
If they want to make there protests, it should be done in the same manner as the other protests that are held. Make a petition, deliver it to Parliament/local authorities, and demonstrate in Parliement square etc…

However, I think that the conventional way wouldn’t pull as much support. I think that a lot of people just turn up to these go slow rally meetings because they just like to be able to go into work and say they caused chaos for a day, and therefor be seen as some sort of rebel!

I say pay the pound and use your time and energy harrassing the local authority to provide better security on the bike bays. You’d probably get more support for that!

Just because you ride a bike doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay your way when it comes to parking in the city. I’d be interested to see how much the average person in Westminster pays per year for parking their bike in comparison to a person parking a car!

my explaination is in the posts i have placed on this thread and as mentioned i just wants peoples

For or against views just to get a general consensus on this topic … no debate, no mud slinging …

Nothing to worry yourself with Garret;) it’s all in hand.

How tame.

I was thinking more



Don’t be so patronising.