No reason just because


Brilliant day, not too hot, not too cold, no traffic, no a**holes but turn off to work came too soon.
One happy bunny!!!

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The temperature window for enjoying biking is quite small, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Yesterday was lovely too, I enjoyed ride very much: not too hot, not too cold, earplugs in, and the bike just flowed.

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I’m just one of those happy souls that rides every day regardless of the weather. Aaahh the bliss!! Not to mention the pleasure I get watching folks in their fast cars idling their petrol away whilst sat still. I guess I’m easily amused… lol…


I’m right with you on that one bud. Every day on a bike is better than the tube in any weather. I’m also perfectly happy in stationery traffic. Hey, I’m on a bike, of course I’m happy :smiley:


I often see the same cars stuck in traffic during the commute. How do they do it everyday!?!?!


I did the school-run by car on Monday. I never use the car but this time my girl was going off on a residential trip with a massive suitcase. Even though we were very early, long before the worst of the morning rush, it still took me over an hour to do a round trip of 8 miles.

I arrived back home exhausted. I have no idea how anyone could do that every day.