No power HONDA VFR8008

Just a quick one that’s had me scratching my head.

After leaving my keys in and ignition on but not running, ie lights on, no engine running.

Anyway i walked off for sometime, which promptly made that battery die, no problem i thought ill just bump start it rolling down the little hill.

6 attempts later it starts, great i thought keeping the revs up, but as soon as i let the throttle go it cut out. now i cant hear the fuel pump priming and the “FI” light no-longer comes on HHEELLPPP

A.Turn off remove key …leave a while(30 secs) …retry
Hiss can be temperamental with low power …
B.Get a jump start

Ok will do, I don’t want to wait 2 hours for recovery

I agree, it’s probably the hiss getting its knickers in a twist

Try spare key if you have

Is that not just a low voltage ECU thing?

Most ECU’s have a voltage threshold below which they will not function.