No more trustworthy websites

Being that IT Security is my line of business, thought I’d better mention this -

There are no more “safe” websites now. Keep your systems and applications updated and patched, run anti-virus, cross your fingers. This thing pinches your passwords, btw, so if you’re doing stuff like on-line banking, make sure you have a clean PC.


This is such horsesh!t (IT security in general I mean). Since when is it sensible to allow everything as a default and exclude only certain security risks? Default should exclude all and the user simply includes those items they deem to be necessary.

I think I’m going to cut up all my bank cards and go back to dealing with cash and the highstreet. Shame I won’t be able to get there on the tube without bending over and being raped by red Ken for the honour of not using an oyster card. Just as well I have a bike really.

Default deny is my mantra lol. My nick at work is “Dr. No”.

The shame of it all is that most people are crap at estimating risk. Bikers are a good deal better at it than most though, imo. :wink:

I’ve been using this odd system for years.

Every now and then (a bit too often some months) I go to a machine and collect some paper vouchers. These vouchers (which are quite pretty and exude comfort) are accepted in most retail outlets. I exchange them for goods and sometimes they give me some equaly acceptable tokens back as well.

When I need to go to the bank, that’s what I do. I go to a building marked “bank”, or similar, and walk in. I talk to the nice people behind the counter and stuff happens.

Now hack that, sucker.