No more hangovers...

If this stuff works, it will most definitely be the best thing since sliced bread :slight_smile:

Bet it doesn’t.

There’s only one sure fire way to avoid hangovers but it has a terrible side effect known as sobriety.

or stay drunk *hic

Short of nurses using a drip to rehydrate I don’t think there are any real cures. It takes a while to get it into your system and therefore it takes a while to get it all out again, not withstanding a tactical chunder.

If it’s in the Daily Mail it’s certainly not true!

there fixed for you :smiley:

Benzodiazepines and water are the only decent hangover cures I’ve found so far…

Pizza before bed…sorted!

I haven’t drunk in 3 months, best thing I ever did!

Should we do a group test on this product at the LB Xmas shindig?