No longer a virgin!

I did my first ever morning commute into work on the bike! Was a pretty smooth run for a first time not forgetting the fog! I’m very pleased with myself, however now I’m at work too damn early!

I thought I would share my cheeryness on this otherwise mundane Tuesday morning. :smiley:

Better than my first ever commute to work then…hadnt used the bike since moving to London months before and ran out of petrol on the outside lane of the north circular. :w00t:

Congratulations!! WooHoo!

Congrats, glad it went well.

I thought this might have been a thread about Ginger though !!:smiley:

how good do you feel then:D

now you got in early you got time to polish yr new toy:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Ginger isn’t that lucky Baz…

Is the innuendo here that commuting by motorcycle is better than sex :w00t: :wink:

I totally missread that too :stuck_out_tongue:

Busted! hahahahah:D

Well Done You

Sounds like it was fun then. Were you moist… from the mist???;):w00t:

I was a little damp ;)…but I think that was more me overheating in my kit!

Well done, good start to the day. :smiley:

Well done and congrats on your first ride in.

Yes it’s a lot quicker, and the earlier in the morning, the quicker it is. Don’t forget if you leave later, so do the cagers, so you have to do a lot more filtering and over taking.

Congratulations :wink:
Going to work on the bike just makes the start of the day just that little bit better and enough to start work with the smile on the face :slight_smile: It might sound strange, but sometimes i look forward to go to work just because I have one more opportunity to spend some time on the bike :D:D

Hahaha. I was literally typing “Did you bleed mu…” then read the thread and was very disapointed:D

Thought I heard a loud pop this morning :smiley:

Baz the end of the world is next year :slight_smile:

anyhoo, congrates on the first commute in and enjoy the ride home later!

stinki minki?!?!?:hehe::P:pinch: