No French trip this year??

What the title says… how come??? was looking forward since last year I bailed out due to weather:(

Have you seen who is going to that one… That is not a trip, it’s a funeral :stuck_out_tongue:

Its good for the older members to get out and about :stuck_out_tongue:

You going then El Tel? :wink:

Na I think Tugs on about going, so I’ll give it a miss :smiley:

What about you :smiley:

I prefer to travel with the toyboys not the wrinklies :smiley:

Oh yes, I remember you waiting outside the high school on the france trip :smiley:

LOL that looks just like my Nan so could well be me in a few years!

PS Cheeky Fecker! :hehe:

Keep wearing the pop socks, you’ll still do it for me :kiss::slight_smile:

kenny (12/03/2009)[/quote]

The lesser experianced riders are not upto such a trip, no bottle;)

and I think we would give you young pups a good run for your money:P:)

i remember Jasonb on the last french trip…:w00t:


That’s not the French Trip we had every year on the 15th March…