No designated parking spaces for motorbikes in apartment buildings

Hello and thanks for reading this.

I am considering to rent a flat in Newham but according to the agency there are no designated parking spaces for motorbikes in the building and I find it hard to believe.

I have found parking spaces for rent in the buiding but ony for cars (about 125 pounds per month!!).

Has anyone been in an apartment building with a big underground parking and no space for motorbikes? Does anyone know if there should be designated parking spaces in the building by law or something like this? Would anyone pay for a car parking space only to park a motorbike?

Any suggestions or advice?

Many many thanks folks it is a really good flat and I would like to find a solution for this.



Try and find the name of the company that manages the block of flat and speak to them. They will have ultimate discretion of where you can and cannot park - just a warning, if they say no, you can then not claim ‘I didn’t know and didn’t think it would cause an issue’. Have another walk around and see if you can find any areas that you wouldn’t cause any issue in terms of access or H&S. 

Don’t be surprised if there isn’t any allocated motorbike parking. In all the blocks I’ve lived in, none had - it was just the case that I squeezed the bike wherever it wouldn’t cause any obstruction. In my current block I have an allocated car space so fit the bike in the same space. 

I know a member here who had it out of the way against a wall tied to a column/ pipe but I don’t know if that was allocated to her or motorbikes generally…

Have you been and had a look at the car park ?

You could ask if there’s anyone already renting a car parking space and if so, see if they’re willing to split the cost & share it with you.

How come? What kind of company doesn’t have parking spaces? For example, i rent the apartment, and even here there is a parking place that is not demanded to be paid… However, next spring I will have my own apartment, because I realized that renting an apartment is unprofitable. I’ve already bought the apartment from this company that is in the construction phase and I’m very happy, as this building will have underground parking on 2 levels, so all car owners will have enough parking spaces and no one will to rent parking spaces

I agree with scoping out the car park first, maybe with the agent with you. Point to a corner that will fit a bike in (there’s always odd corners like this). Offer to rent it for say £30 a month if they paint “motorcycle parking” on it and install you a floor anchor.

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