No Clutch bike rolling??

Right, just wondering if this is normal, if I start my bike up and I put it in gear and simply let go of the Clutch the bike will just start going, at slow speed of course so it won’t hit more than about 5+mph. Is this normal? since on Petrol cars if you let the clutch it will choke and stall, on diesel it will pull without the need of any acceleration… so is my bike a diesel??:):):slight_smile:

Only asking as I have no idea what is standard or is it different from bike to bike? Not sure but I think some bikes have a auto revving system? to keep the engine from stalling and keeping it busy? A work coleague said his bike won’t go if he lets the cluch go fully… he has a Honda, not sure if that is relevant.

depends on how torquey your motor is, how high the tickover is and how heavy bike/rider are txtPost_CommentEmoticon(’:)’);

yep, thats normal


personally guys id dissagree! bike shouldnt move off. Id say your clutch needs adjusting. Pretty much every bike ive had would stall if let loose on clutch only. Id try tightening your clutch cable with the adjuster and see if you can improve it?

although as said before some bikes i.e vtwin which have plenty of torque may do? also check idle speed :slight_smile:

You’ve never riddden a big vee twin or big single then?:wink:

you missed the edit Monkey! :smiley:

well my bike isnt big , and it does that

Or a triple, I can get up into 4th at least without throttle if I`m very lazy or smoking a tab:)

You Cheeky Sexy Boi;):D:D:D

ok so we have mixed views, I prefer it anyhow since it is nice to be able to pull away like an automatic or diesel car. Was just wondering if the bike has a problem with clutch or throttle control cable.

you mean put it in gear and just let go off it? (dump it) na thats not normal if you do that it should stall. i thought you mean slowly letting it out and it starts 2 move loool:hehe:

shhhhhhh :D:P

Thats what I thought too. Let it out nice n slow and it goes. Id be very worried if I could dump the clutch and it didnt stall.

Sorry ryan i gotta double dissagree :wink: i don’t see how adjusting a clutch to make it stall can be an improvement,as long as it does fully engage and dissengage of course .
If the idle is correctly set and the extra load on the engine is not so much that it demands more fuel before stalling i would say it shows that the rider isn’t a big fat b**tard ;):smiley:

Even fishfaces 125 can manage it ;):P:D

I can’t put it into gear without the Clutch on, so yeah you stick it into 1st and then let go the clutch slowly not just suddenly and then bang it goes. I think even a diesel car would stall if you suddenly let the clutch off.

My SV6 Used to do that, not as pronounced as my SV1000 tho, on the 6 idle wat at 1300rpm on the 1000 its alittle higher 1500rpm bang on…and if i let teh clutch out to biting point…its will move teh bike with no throttle…if i was to just flick the clutch out it would stall…or with throttle flip me off the back:D

infact, whenever i have rode another bike, i usually let clutch out with no throttle just to see where the biting point is, some have it close in some miles out.

slight correction to an earlier post, petrol engines do the same, if you let the clutch out slowly enough then it will pull just before the biting point. I have a focus zetec adn it will do 20ish all day long without any input from the accelerator.

My CB500 will pull with no gas in 1st so long as you let the clutch out smoothly. It’s easier when the engine is running hot. I like doing this in heavy stop start traffic as it’s smooth and pretty cool.

I believe you can also do it in a petrol car if you are smooth enough with the clutch.

my er5 with its 49 bhp will pull itself (when fully warmed up) in any gear, i got it all the way into 6th without touching the gas in a carpark once, cos, well to see if it could

also my 10 year old 1.2 petrol car which has less power then my er5, yes, you read right, will pull in 1st and not stall

smoothness is everything

if, like my bike, you put it in first and the cluch, when cold, doest work at all, and you jerk forward even when the cluch is pulled, then you have problems.