No Claims Discount?


So I’ve always wondered does it actually make a difference. All insurance says you could save X% on your insurance, but how can you save X% if you don’t know where the starting block is.

I’m in the middle of a dispute with my current insurance of the handling of a claim and the information (or misinformation) they provided.

Long story short, I thought I’d keep my no claims as the named drive had an accident in the car not me (this is the bit in dispute). So I was doing quotes based on my 6yrs. I will not resolve this dispute before the renewal so to make sure I can actually be covered legally I’ve had to requote on 3yrs.

The difference in price between the 6yr & 3yr it is £3!

So the MCB are they actually worth anything?


If the claim was against your policy for a named driver at fault claim why wouldn’t the NCB be lost? If you’ve only lost 50% of the NCB isn’t that a result.

It was my understanding that NCB is calculated at 10% per year up to a maximum of 7 years. I can understand how an insurance premium can go up after additional NCB has been applied because of other risk factors. Would be interested to hear how the difference in 3 years and 6 years NCB can be only £3.00 or, are you saying last year they gave you 6 years NCB vs 3 years NCB for this year and a £3.00 premium increase? If that’s the case your not making a like for like comparison.



The dispute is when I called to report it and asked does this affect my no claims I was told by the call handler it is only affected if I stay with the same insurance company but as the named driver had the accident if I move they will remain. So they gave me the wrong information.

When I ran the quotes thinking I was in the clear if I move on I was searching for 6yrs with all accidents declare etc. Best quote was £427, I then ran a few with the new 3yr NCB and the cheapest came in at £430.

So my original thing is back to do they really make any difference as the above would say not really…


to be honest, I was under the impression that a named driver on my policy wouldn’t result in a loss of my NCD if they were to have an accident. So this post has enlightened me somewhat.