No Claim Bonus

Hi Guys ,

I ain’t been riding a bike since November , But would like the NCB to continue , My mate told me last night to buy a Scooter Frame and a V5 , insure it for next to nothing and keep the NCB going up will save money in the long term.

Can anyone be a bit more specific on how this works? , where do you look for a scooter frame and a v5 for that ?

Would appreciate your feedback



If you want to build up your no claim bonus you might as well get a proper working scooter like a Piaggio Zip for £300-400 + £50-150 insurance or just insure yourself third party only on a mate’s bike. If your never going to ride the bike your never going to need the insurance.

It doesn’t work like that …

You just end up paying for insurance you never use and, the premiums will out pace the NCB.

Any already earned NCB will still be valid for 2 years even if you don’t currently have a bike. Therefore, so long as you insure another bike before Nov 2013 you’ll still get the no-claims discount, so no need to worry about it until then.