No Budget Cup

Anyone interested in doing this next year?

Think its teams of 3 (riders anyway), donor bike must be a 90’s bike - think thats about it!

Looks a right laugh and get some good track time in too.

I’ve got a potential donor bike - GSXR 750 SRAD (99 injection model) its pretty sweet as it is, but could do with some fresh juice in the forks and general fussing over.

There are European rounds too!

Guys I’ve been speaking with a couple of lads off trackdayriders and its a control 003 Bridgestone tyre…with no tyre warmers!!:w00t:

Really? I thought it was Dunlops… I dont like Dunlops so thats fine by me :slight_smile:

Tyre warmers? Hah! - they’re for pussies!

pussies, not sure we’re need them anyway on a 4 hour race…its just the first couple of laps. :D:D:D:D:D

Also just booked Silverstone on March 12th if you fancy it.

Read a bit about this looks good, First rounds started late this year I think…

you’ll still need ‘A’ budget of some description! But if it’s shared I guess that’ll make things easier…

Got a feeling my srad was registered in 2000? That’d be my luck!

I’d love to do silverstone again (not done the new section yet) but im boarding in Tignes on the 12th!

I’ve booked into Snetterton though on the 5th if u can make it? Dunno if you’ll be back from Almeria with the bikes though?

I think our 3rd Musketeer is up for a Wed meet next week to discuss. Good with me :slight_smile:

Also fellow SRAD bredren… 2000’s are ok I think, just not beyond 2000…

I can’t make next Wednesday as I’m at Arsenal, I suggested to James maybe a Sunday morning at the ace for Breakfast.

Where are you based?

We pick the bikes up from Focused on the 5th, otherwise I would have been there, Like James I have a 1198s aswell but thats not going on the track until the summer, when I buy fairing for it.:w00t:

Ahh, a Goooooner!

TBH, Sundays/Saturdays are better for me anyways so im cool with that.

I’m way out west in Weybridge, but in Soho during the week.

Oooo 1198s eh? - Come on… get her on the track :smiley:

Me and James on Blades and u on the Duke - that would be a good day :slight_smile:

ok so we meet next sunday at the ace for some breakfast to finalise plans! Excellent!

Just got a 98 ZX7 which is going to be turned into a track bike, saves messing up the BMW :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be interested in popping along to discuss this series myself.

ok cool that would be great, we are meeting next sunday (the 9h?) at the ace for breakkie.

i dont blame u with the BMW, im not putting my blade on track, its being ridden like a girl these days as im not smashing another one up! Otherwise Mrs rixxy will be making me sell all my toys!


Its in the diary for the 9th from 10 am.

So what’s the point in having the uber powerful track focussed BMW with all the safety net electronics you can a shake a stick at, and then not use it on track?
Even you couldn’t crash that :wink:

Ya big jessie…Get a track fairing, and leave it in rain mode if you’re scared :smiley:

Mmmmmm so just how is your bike at the mo then mate?
And maybe you could talk us through your experiences on track lol

Don’t worry the mighty BMW will be back on track but I fancied a more dedicated bike just for track use and save BMW for my road fun.

PJ - I love you. I now know someone who’s track bike is even heavier and less powerfull than mine! :slight_smile:

All the more fun I say.

Me too, but usually through gritted teeth half way down the straight when they come pissing by me like I’m stood still! :wink:

1 - The GSXR is fine if very dusty through lack of use for over a year due to lack of cash to service and run it. Got new parts to fit to spruce it up for the new year.

Was just jesting with you really as the prospect of smashing up a 12k machine wouldn’t sit well with me either.

2 - That would take some time…I have pictures though :Whistling: :slight_smile:

are you sure your telling the truth? That KTM must have a supercharger or at least that was what i was thinking when you came flying past me at snetterton while i had GRITTED teeth:D

That BMW doesn’t go that well anyway does it mate, you need an old 750!

I really fancy more upgrades to my srad, But then think about changing it for something newer, the latest 1000 stuff is seriously quick, got handed my arse on a plate at oulton…