NKR - A 125 & L Plate Friendly Rideout - 9th August


Getting ready for Sunday:

We can’t do the Cornerman system because a lot of the roads are too narrow, so as I mentioned previously, here are some way points:

The first waypoint is a natural break between the first 2 sets of lanes and there is enough room to pull up safely here.

The second waypoint is the Oakdene Cafe.

The third and final waypoint is on the way back, just on the other side of Tonbridge town before we head back into the lanes for the final leg.

So if you get lost at any point, head directly to one of those waypoint via the quickest route and you can pick up the ride again there.

I know its far from perfect, but given the numbers, about the best I can think of.

Still, I’m open to suggestions?

OK, last time I did the 75 On A 125 Ride, I tried to limit it to 125cc bikes, but discovered an uncatered for group - riders on bigger bikes who aren’t confident enough to keep up with some of the faster rideouts, but who would still like to go out and have a blast. (For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m on both L Plates and a 125 :D)

As wel as those riders, if any more experienced riders are interested in learning some routes around this area (because our lanes are sooooooooo much better than the BCR :Whistling: ), you are also welcome, just don’t expect it to be a high speed razz :smiley:

The NKR (North Kent Rideout) starts in Westerham, goes through the lanes south of the A25 towards Brands Hatch, heads back on some faster A roads towards Tonbridge and then back into the lanes to Westerham.

Some of the route is quite technical so is not for the very inexperienced, but we will not be hitting the technical parts at breakneck speeds.

Its an ideal ride for anyone who finds themselves between:

“I’m Getting Good At This Bike Riding Business” and “I Can’t Wait To Get A Bigger Bike” or"I Can’t Wait To Get A Bigger Bike" and "Feck Me! I’ve Got A Big Bike!"On the straights, we won’t be going faster than 60mph (National Speed Limit for a lot of the ride) and in the villages, we will be respecting the speed limit… ish :smiley: (Only Joking Trojan ;))

You can read about the original ride here.

This time, the start point will be the Grasshopper Pub (click to see map), which has a huge carpark and is on the A25 between Oxted & Westerham, at 9:30am. The A25 is easily reached from the M25, Croydon or Boxhill - PM me if you need more details on the location.

For those of you wanting to meet at the Ace first, Alex Gold has kindly offered to lead the way down to Westerham.

The numbers must be limited to 10 riders - there are so many blind turns that a long stream of riders would definitely mean losing people.

Post your names up and I will keep editing this first post to show who is coming.

Any questions, feel free to post them up here or PM me.

This is not a LB sponsored rideout in any way, its purely just people getting together for the ride, if you have any spills or get any tickets then its your own fault, not mine or LB’s.

(Elad - apologies for the blatant rip off of your disclaimer )Already Signed Up Are:Stevie Ramone (125 / L Plates) LeadTrisckie (Big Bike - Tailgunner Extraordinaire)5150 (Big Bike - Tailgunner With Long Hair ;))Alex Gold (Big Bike (or Scoot? :D) - Scout & Lead From Ace To Start Point + Floater :D)BigSims (125)Starcom (125)Mr-C & SJ (125)Hero Honda (125)Adam (big bike)?Perkz (Big Bike)AppletwistAppletwist’s MateMitzyYamrider (big bike)Gemmela (125)Mart131Rioting Gob Rob :Whistling: (Big Bike)Giuliano (Big Scoot)Deadweight (125)Scrapped the Reserve List - it had already gone over the top. To mitigate the number of extra riders, I will have a look at the map and decide on some waypoints where it is easy to park - that way if people do get lost, they can head straight to those points and pick up the group there.

I’m up for a pootle! When’s it going to happen?

Good man - pity we can’t join you on this though, we’ll be breaking the French speed limits that weekend on our way home from the Rivieira.

Hope you all have safe fun:)

I may be out for this, having done BikeSafe the weekend before I am sure my newly learnt skills will allow me to manage this tantalisingly tough and terrifying terrain!



It’d be good to have you along Alex - a bit of experience never goes amiss, I think you’d like the roads and we need someone to take the p i s s out of during the breaks :D:D:D

Tailgunner Trisckie reporting for duty Sarrrrrrrr !!! :smiley:

Dementia setting in - sign him up for the Saga rides

Excellent :smiley: Hopefully, we’ll spend more time on the road and less time in the hospital pub this time :smiley:

Aww… thanks guys - hope you have a goodie - I bet you’ll be rushing back to see who fell off this time :wink:

An under cover Reuters reporter will be infiltrating to find out what really happens this time;)

Just when I thought I was out…etc

Right, North/West Londoners (and indeed South Londoners along the way)…

We will be leaving the Ace at 8 ish! This is to allow time to NOT hoon round the M25 at 120 mph…which is of course not how I would get there on my own…but anyway, this will be a slow ride through some nice countryside (some of which will be the exact same countryside as when I led to Box on the other 125 rideout), ending just 90 minutes of riding later…at the start point. :hehe:

Nice and safe, no kneedowns (unless you are leading the group and really can’t resist :D)

EDIT: We will be passing the A23/A22 junction around 9, if anyone wants to meet there - pleaaaase ensure you let me know and we have swapped numbers if you want to meet here, as timings may be wildly off!

The first confirmed attendees have been added to the original post :wink:

ME ME ME ME ME please!

Simon :slight_smile:

Hey stevie, might give it another go at being your official photographer:)

Can’t promiss though as we will have only just got back from the Millau Bridge ride the day before and might be a little saddle sore:w00t:

Excellent :wink:

Hehe… I shall add your name to the list - be good to meet you (if I don’t see you at BMM Wednesday that is ;))

Yes Please.

Have you pm’d all the originals- or you don’t want us along?:hehe:

Hehe… yes - all originals PM’d :smiley:

Will add your name to the ist :wink:

We may take 2 places - we may take 1 place - we may take no places … all dependent on work rotas and birthday plans (9th is only a few days before my burpday so no idea what plans may be in the pipeline)

subtle hint