Nissan pulls video about 'predator' bikers

Like it says. Surprising that anyone thought this video was acceptable and Nissan has now withdrawn it after an outcry from bikers.


Lots of angry stuff on the Nissan Juke Facebook page:

I agree with the comment by spuddydawgg, which says
“i ride and i wasnt really offended or shocked. i think people are reading too much into this.”

Fair enough, I’m absolutely in favour of each to their own, but I think we get a hard enough time (sometimes justifiably) without a global car manufacturing company apparently endorsing knocking down bikers.

Yea, the console really looks like a motorcycle petrol tank! :doze:

What sort of demographic is it aimed at anyway? 13 year olds?

What exactly is wrong with this ad? It’s good animation, but the story is pretty shite.

How exactly is Nissan promoting or endorsing knocking down bikers?

are you guys blind???
the car is taking down bikers INTENTIONALLY and with intent of causing real damage, and you just see a videogame???
i am a biker and I AM TRULY SHOCKED. cant believe this is on tv somewhere in the world. we have enough trouble as it is trying to avoid people not killing us on the road and this is actually promoting bikers as PREDATORS TO BE EXTERMINATED WITH A CAR???
seriously this is unbelievable.
and i dont read too much into things.


so how is this add different to a lot of movies where bad guys drive on motorcycles who then get knocked off in spectacular fashion.

After seeing those movies do you feel the urge to go and knock down some bikers…or perhaps whip out a gun and go on a shooting spree?

I will say again that i see nothing wrong with this add, besides the fact that the add itself is pretty ****.

The only thing that I can see is bad with the ad is that Nissan should be done under the trade descriptions act. A Nissan Juke can do that?? I dont think so.:smiley:


And “Juke”…what kinda name is that anyway? :slight_smile:

I think they meant “Joke”

It is a dumb advert, but not really worth getting to worked up about.

If people really think car drivers will start knocking bikers off their bikes because of this advert, they need to get a grip…

HAH. Good luck… The Juke does 0-60 in 11 seconds and has a top speed of 111 mph. Needless to say, I won’t be soiling my pants any time soon if one of those appears in my side mirror…!!!

This kind of logic bans all movies with any violence, all video games with violence, all books with violence.

It is a crazy way of thinking. They are not promoting bikers as predators to be exterminated with a car, they are promoting the attributes of the car by suggesting that it can keep up with bikes hardly the same thing.

This is no different to a mission in Grand Theft Auto where you have to take out the motorcycle courier before can deliver a package, or any movie made in the last 80 years that depicts motorcycle riders as anti-establishment, drug taking, gun tooting, tattoo’d gang members.

Anyone that actually believes this and acts on it, would have done something stupid with or without the advert.

i dont agree with those videogames either, but i cant really be bothered to get into that.
the only reason why i got so angry is that an ad is showed out of context without a proper storyline and on a continuos manner, not like a movie. i wont like to see a movie showing people taking it on bikers for no good reason either, but at least there will be some sort of ‘storyline’ to it.
that was pure and simply referring to bikers as ‘predators’ for no good reason and that make my blood boils if you dont mind.

it would have been a completely different manner of showing the point of ‘a car keeping up with a bike’ if the care was portrayed in any other matter than knocking bikers off the road. intentionally.

(completely off subject, i do value your opinions wether i agree with them or not. breath of fresh air to see people speaking their mind! :wink: )

Crap advert, those computer graphics look really dated like something you’d see in 1997. It’s just all in all a bad advert.

i must admit it was bad taste, but for crying out loud, the problem wrong with this country is that people get too easily offended, get over it!

I think the lame attempt on the Tron theme sucked. I’m with garret on the petrol tank thing, WTF!.. A very big FAIL for Nissan.

Juke means a cockroach in modern Hebrew :smiley: